DEC. 2-3, 2017 (10 am - 4 pm)

— 2017 artisans —


The Wooden Forge:

Functional work with timeless design


The Wooden Forge returns this year with a variety of lovely work including salad bowls, kitchen utensils and cutting boards.  All the wood is milled from local trees, primarily the majestic big leaf maple.


Claudia Hayward  |  |




Joanna Lovett

West coast jewelry designer


When Joanna designs and makes her jewelry and lockets she considers the experience that sparked the creation and the person that will own and wear it. The materials she works with are mostly recycled re-refined sterling silver, 14k gold, bronze and semi precious stones.


Joanna Lovett:  604-562-5493  |  |


One of a kind gift boxes


Decorating boxes has progressed from being just a creative outlet to a passion. When we travel, I am constantly on the lookout for beautiful items to incorporate into my boxes. For the last two summers, I have taken master millinery courses in France in order to add a new dimension to my creations. I hope you enjoy them.


Nancy Bennett  |




Ruskin Apiaries

“Honey the way bees intended it to be”.


Pure, raw, local wildflower honey, produced organically. New products this year include comb honey, creamed honey and bulk honey; bring your own containers and lids to be filled up. Special honey gifts will also be available for Christmas shoppers.


Dan Dohogne  |



Take A Fancy Bean to Bar Chocolate & Artisan Ice Cream
Becks D’Angelo - Ice Cream and Chocolate Maker


Chocolate is an exotic food that has a long journey from bean to bar. Cacao beans are the seeds from the fruit of the tree called theobroma cacao, which grows in warm climates close to the equator. I am grateful to the farmers who grow, harvest and ferment these precious beans. In my chocolate studio on the Sunshine Coast I roast and refine in small batches. It is my pleasure to share the bean to bar chocolate experience with you! How about homemade ice cream for your holiday feast? Costa Rican Vanilla Bean, Tanzanian Dark Chocolate and Seasonal Flavours – available in pints.

Becks D’Angelo:


Bernie's Best Christmas Trees


Seven years ago I made the decision to try planting Christmas trees. I planted 1000 tiny 8" seedlings on my family 's farm. I nurtured them, talked to them (much to my Husbands amusement!) and cared for my pretty little trees. They have responded by flourishing on their sunny hillside and are now ready to become someone's "Christmas Tree". Choice of natural Grand or Noble Fir.


Bernie Smith-Gander: 604-462-1198  |



Cedar Isle Farm

Organic Grains CSA


Cedar Isle Farm is a magical place nestled between mountains on fertile soil near Agassiz, in the eastern Fraser Valley. We proudly produce local certified organic grains.  Our products include oats, wheat, rye and barley, which are rolled, milled into whole grain flour, or available as kernels.  We are delighted to share them through our CSA or at the VFM.


Jim Grieshaber-Otto: 604-796-0290  |  |


Von Hardenberg Candles


Klaus and Betty have been making 100% pure beeswax candles since 2004. Although beeswax is used in making many products, the simple, elegant candle with its naturally sweet, honey scent is what we live to create. Handmade in our studio to you.


Betty & Klaus von Hardenberg:  604-462-9244  |


Charmian Nimmo

Tuxedo Cat Pottery


I've been making pots for almost 40 years and still find joy in every piece I make. I never tire of experimenting with form, surface, and materials so my work continually evolves as I play. My work is all meant for use, safe in the oven, dishwasher and freezer unless otherwise noted. I hope the user of each piece gets as much enjoyment from it as I did making it.


Charmian Nimmo: 604-215-2525   |   |  
Instagram: Charmiannimmo   |   Instagram: tuxedo_cat_pottery



Davie & Chiyo 607


Davie & Chiyo 607 is a line of unique and vibrant pieces for living – living at brunch with your girlfriends, living on a first date, living at the café around the corner, living at a cocktail party… Each piece is handmade and carefully chosen with life in mind; inspired prints, vibrant colours and designs we just keep on innovating. This time of year, our minds and energy is focused on Christmas, the most magical time of year. Our holiday specials include cozy stockings, soft blankets, and fluffy tree skirts.


Fumi White: 604-620-7722   |  |


Under the Oak Tree Woodworking Studio/

Carvings, house wares, fine furniture


I have always loved hiking and being out in creation.  I took that enjoyment of nature and in my twenties I picked up a carving knife and started the journey of woodworking I am on! I love taking a rough piece of wood and with time, work and some sweat creating a refined, beautiful, and functional item. Over the years I have added in tools and processes depending on the project, but I value using local materials and hand work whenever possible.  We have our small shop in Chilliwack and it is a lovely spot, under an oak tree.  Kristi has joined me in this work and shares ideas and elbow grease to help me create functional beautiful wood products.  Along with the functional wares I also do custom carvings of St. Nicholas, and friends, as well as custom furniture.


Keith and Kristi Schroots: 604-316-3044   |


Le Meadow’s Pantry / Genevieve Blanchet


Le Meadow’s Pantry is a small batch preserving company based in Vancouver. All our preserves are made traditionally with the highest ingredients. Our jams and marmalades are cooked in French copper preserving pans, 12 jars at a time. Cooking smaller batches captures the bright flavours and the essence of the fruit.


Genevieve: 604-369-8232  |  |



Bernice Mussallem / Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner


Bernice was born and raised in Ireland. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1977 and then moved to Canada. In 2004 she completed her Hospice training and began volunteering at the Christine Morrison Hospice in Mission. In 2010 Bernice started to play her harp at the Hospice and has continued to play there on a weekly basis. She was very moved by the effect harp music had on patients, family and staff and decided to pursue studies in this area. In 2016 she graduated from the International Harp Therapy Program and is a certified Harp Therapy Practitioner. She feels very privileged to be at hospice and to share precious time with patients and their loved ones.


Bernice Mussallem

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